Reindeer decorations let you bring the spirit and excitement of Christmas to the community around you. Christmas Night Inc. carries a large selection of outdoor and indoor reindeer, including beautiful Nordic Reindeer, some with motion that talk and sing. The cheerful figures are large in size and make a big impact no matter where they are placed.

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Life Size Nordic Reindeer
Huge Nordic Reindeer with Halter by Hansa 65 inch high Ride-on

Item #68655

MSRP $1,699.00

Your Price $1,269.00

Life Size Nordic Reindeer
Life Size Nordic Reindeer 65 inch high Ride-on

Item #68618

Your Price $1,249.00

Life Size Talking Nordic Reindeer
Life Size Talking Nordic Reindeer 65 in H with motion

Item #68830

MSRP $6,990.00

Your Price $5,129.00

Reindeer with Motion
Nordic Reindeer Reindeer with Motion 52"H

Item #68834

Your Price $3,699.00

Life Size Reindeer
Nordic Reindeer with Motion 63"H

Item #68831

Your Price $4,729.00

Plush White Reindeer
Large Plush Reindeer 46in. H White

Item #68629

Your Price $899.00

Reindeer with Halter
Life Size Hansa Reindeer with Halter 60in.H Ride-on

Item #68615

Your Price $829.00

Life Size Reindeer
Life Size Plush Reindeer 60"H Ride-on

Item #68620

Your Price $799.00

White Reindeer
Life Size Plush Reindeer 60in. H White

Item #68619

MSRP $1,120.00

Your Price $1,099.00

White Reindeer
Life Size Plush Reindeer with Halter 60 inch H White

Item #68613

Your Price $1,199.00

Bambi Deer
Realistic Plush Standing Bambi Deer 32in. H

Item #68628

MSRP $299.00

Your Price $249.00

White Tail Reindeer
Realistic Plush White Tail Reindeer 38.5in. H

Item #68622

MSRP $399.00

Your Price $329.00

Hansa Nordic Reindeer
Nordic Reindeer by Hansa 47 inch height Ride-on

Item #68822

Your Price $899.00

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In addition to 3-D figures, LED outdoor decorations are also available. Add a couple light-up reindeer to your holiday display. Light-up displays are made using high-efficiency LED lights, making it affordable and environmentally responsible to enjoy the Christmas season.

Outdoor items come in a variety of styles and sizes. Whether you're looking for a cute, cartoon-like version of elves on a reindeer, or a more accurate rendition of a polar bear, you'll find the perfect outdoor piece to finish your design. Outdoor display pieces are made of high-quality materials, like fiberglass, that are weather-resistant and made to last through years of use. Order today to take advantage of fast shipping so you can get your decorations sooner.


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Thank you for being (or wanting to be) our customer during the 2021 Christmas season. We hope you and your family had a joyous Christmas celebration.

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