Boxes & Bows

The magic of opening presents on Christmas morning lives on in these gift box and bow holiday decorations. Made of chip-resistant fiberglass and painted a variety of bright colors, a Christmas gift box can be used indoors or outdoors to bring out a child-like imagination. Order single gift boxes and bows, multi-present outdoor gift sets and gift stacks that give a new meaning to presents piled high under the tree. Use them year after year as part of residential or commercial displays for a lifetime of memories.

Christmas Presents
Three Present Set 55in. high

Item #39919

Your Price $899.00

Christmas Gift Box 17in. high

Item #39916

MSRP $399.00

Your Price $259.00

Stack of Christmas Boxes
Christmas Gift Box 22in. high

Item #39917

MSRP $299.00

Your Price $249.00

Christmas Present
Tall Gift Box 55in. high

Item #39918

MSRP $599.00

Your Price $449.00

Stack of Christmas Boxes
Gift Stack 70in. high

Item #39915

MSRP $999.00

Your Price $899.00

Gift Boxes
Gift Boxes Photo Op 51in. high

Item #39912

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Hanging Bows
Pair of Giant Red Bows 44 ins high each

Item #39921

MSRP $699.00

Your Price $559.00

Giant Display Drum
Giant Display Drum 36in.H

Item #37041

MSRP $1,199.00

Your Price $799.00

Christmas Bauble
Christmas Ball with Stand - 57 inches high

Item #39922

MSRP $1,299.00

Your Price $1,199.00

Christmas Baubles
Christmas 4 Ball Tower with stand - 85 inches high

Item #39924

Your Price $4,699.00

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Recreate the joy and the cheer of your childhood with our boxes and bows Christmas décor at Christmas Night Inc. Each premium-quality fiberglass decoration is colorfully wrapped and is embellished with stars, colors and scenes of the season that will incite excitement and enchantment in the hearts of beholders. Ravishing reds, gorgeous greens and gleeful golds wrap each gift in vibrant happiness - these packages are temptations that are just begging to be opened!

Use our durable, chip-resistant fiberglass decorations either indoors or outdoors - this well-made décor is chip-resistant and is made to bring you colorful, magical fun season after season. Use for your commercial displays or for your residential décor to make memories they will appreciate. You can't go wrong with our boxes and bows Christmas décor from Christmas Night Inc.


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Thank you for being (or wanting to be) our customer during the 2021 Christmas season. We hope you and your family had a joyous Christmas celebration.

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