Nativity Stables

Celebrate the humble beginnings of Jesus Christ every Christmas with our wooden nativity scene stables. Designed by Christmas Night Inc. and handmade by Amish craftspeople in Pennsylvania, these authentic stables can be used indoors and outdoors. From barebones 2D nativity stable arches and knockdown stables to permanent white pine stables, there is an option that can fit your nativity figures - or fit actual people if you're using it for a reenactment. They can easily be disassembled and stored between seasons to preserve them for future displays.

White Cedar Stable
Cedar Nativity Stable 30in.H

Item #84200

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Medium Wood Stable
Large Nativity Stable 55in. H

Item #84195

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Cedar Nativity Stable
Outdoor Nativity Stable 37in. H

Item #84196

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Large Wood Nativity Stable
Wood Outdoor Nativity Stable 70in. H

Item #84190

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Life Size 2D Stable
Life Size Nativity Stable with Star 2D Display 94in.H

Item #84210

Your Price $399.00

Our high-quality wood stables are hand-made by local craftsmen in Pennsylvania. They come in a variety of wood types, sizes, styles and details that are guaranteed to make your Nativity scene come to life this blessed Christmas season. Choose the Nativity stable that is right for your purposes, size specifications and other needs - we guarantee that our wooden stables will help you achieve your Nativity scene goals this season. Whether it is for a Christmas program or for a decorative scene in your home, we have the item you need.

Each of our wooden Nativity stables are made from fine American wood, such as white cedar and white pine. Designed for either indoor or outdoor use, these Nativity stables can be set up, used and enjoyed season after season thanks to their premium construction and craftsmanship.

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