Make merry this holiday season with a detailed Penguin decoration. Christmas Night Inc. carries all types of Christmas decor items, including realistic Penguins. The Penguins are perfect for display in your home or business. The collectible designs blend perfectly with a larger collection and the beautifully designed pieces are sure to become a holiday favorite.

Outdoor Penguin and Sleigh
Christmas Penguin with Sleigh 39 ins high

Item #37900

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Penguin Sleigh
Penguin with Sled 39 ins high

Item #37960

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Emperor Penguin
Plush Emperor Penguin 30in. H

Item #69131

Your Price $369.00

Emperor Penguin and Baby
Plush Emperor Penguin with Baby 30ins H

Item #69130

Your Price $389.00

Hansa Penguin Chick profile
Plush Penguin Chick 9 inch height

Item #68633

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Junior Penguin
Plush Penguin Life like 15in. H

Item #68632

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Large Penguin
Realistic Plush Emperior Penguin 29in. H

Item #68631

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Penguin and Chick
Realistic Plush Penguin and Baby Penguin 30in.H & 9in. H

Item #68634

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Penguin Set
Realistic Plush Penguin Set 29in. H & 15in. H

Item #68630

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Baby Emperior Penguin
Baby Emperor Penguin - Plush

Item #69132

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Baby Penguin
Little Blue Penguin 12in.

Item #37051

MSRP $129.00

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Penguin Mother and Baby
Christmas Penguin Friends 36in. & 12in. H

Item #37050

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Outdoor Penguin
Christmas Penguin 39 ins high

Item #37900pen

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Christmas Penguin
Christmas Penguin for Outdoor Display 36in.

Item #37052

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6 foot Penguin
Christmas Penguin for Outdoor Display 6 ft.

Item #37053

Your Price $799.00

Our Penguin figurines and displays are made using high-quality materials. They are carefully crafted for accuracy and are a great way to get in the holiday spirit. With a selection of sizes and materials and fast shipping to any home or business address. The full-color creations are wonderful on their own and are the perfect beginning to a large holiday collection of Christmas decorations.

Penguin decorations also make great holiday gift ideas. Give one to a friend or family member that enjoys collecting Penguins.. The full-color figures are available all year long, making it easy to gift one to a Christmas-loving friend, no matter what time of year they were born.


2022 Pre-Order Program

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