Outdoor Santa Sleigh

Santa can't fly without his sleigh and team of magical reindeer. Let your imagination soar by shopping Christmas Night Inc. for a beautifully crafted Santa sleigh and team of reindeer. Choose from traditional red designs or beautiful snow white sleighs with matching reindeer. Choose a set or purchase the sleigh and reindeer separately to customize your design. Of course, sleighs can't drive themselves, so don't forget to pick out a sitting Santa Claus to complete the look.

Life Size Santa with Sleigh
Giant Santa with Sleigh - 60 inches long

Item #37847

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Santa's Jumbo Sleigh - 81 inches long

Item #37800

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Santa Sleigh
Santa's Jumbo Sleigh with Santa - 81 inches long

Item #37801

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Santa with Sleigh and two reindeer
Giant Snow Santa , Sleigh and Two Reindeer - 120 in.W

Item #37849

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Giant Sleigh
Jumbo Sleigh with Silver Trim - 81 inches long

Item #37806

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Santa Sled
Life Size Santa , Sleigh and Two Reindeer - 120in.W

Item #37845

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Santa Sleigh and Reindeer
Life Size Sleigh and Rearing Reindeer - 120in.W

Item #37844

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Replacement Antlers
Reindeer Antlers "VP" for Item 37842

Item #37842A

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Our sleighs and reindeer are available in a variety of sizes. The large outdoor fixtures are designed for commercial use and are made of high-quality fiberglass that won't chip or fade with extended use. They are weather-resistant and can be used in any environment. The holiday decorations are carefully made using the latest techniques and are a great investment for any business owner or holiday enthusiast.

Order today and enjoy fast shipping. The holiday figures are carefully packaged and shipped to ensure they arrive at your destination in time for your celebration. Make this a Christmas to remember with a larger than life Santa Claus complete with his sleigh and trusty reindeer.