Polar Bears

Christmas and animals have a special history. There's an innate connection between the woodland creatures that reside at the North Pole and Christmas. Celebrate that connection by adding a beautiful indoor or outdoor polar bear figurine to your holiday display. The animal figures are beautifully crafted, with fine attention to detail. The pieces range in size form under a foot to life-size and larger.

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Christmas Polar Bear
Outdoor Polar Bear - Christmas Life Size Display 83in.H

Item #37869

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Family Polar Bear Bench
Polar Bear Bench - 61 inches wide

Item #37902

MSRP $2,599.00

Your Price $1,899.00

Polar Bear with Cub
Resting Polar Bear with Cub - Christmas Display 75in.W

Item #37872

MSRP $1,499.00

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Life size Polar bears
Life Size Polar Bear 58"H and Cub 39in.

Item #68635

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Life size Polar bears
Life Size Polar Bear 58"H and Cub with Scarves 39in.

Item #68637

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Giant Plush Polar Bear
Polar Bear Sitting 47in. H

Item #68661

Your Price $1,499.00

Fiberglass Polar Bear
Fiberglass Lighted Polar Bear Cub 43 in H

Item #41087

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Polar Bear
Standing Polar Bear - Christmas Display 76in.W

Item #37870

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All of the animal figures are able to stand on their own. They make a great addition to a Christmas scene or to any other large-scale indoor display. The fine attention to detail gives each piece a lifelike appearance that is truly unique. Most polar bears are available in several styles, making it easy to match a bear to an existing Christmas display.

Indoor animal figures should not be used outside as the materials to make the figures were not designed for prolonged exposure to the elements. For more information on the sizing, construction and finish of a specific piece, click on the item's image or name. Animal figures may be purchased year round for convenience.


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