Reindeer & Animals

Your holiday decorations aren't complete without at least one cute animal figure! Christmas and animals were meant for each other, and we have dozens of options for your home or business. From indoor ride-on Nordic reindeer and husky dogs to plush polar bears and sheep, there's a critter statue for everyone. Choose from soft indoor animal figures, fiberglass outdoor Christmas animal statues and small tabletop figures. We have famous characters as well such as Rudolph and Snoopy that love Christmas as much as you do!

Farm Animals

Add sheep, the donkey, the ox, camels, goats, chicken and other animals to your nativity set or live pageant.

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Plush Bear
Creme Teddy Bear Sleeping 27in.L

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Polar Bear sitting
Large Polar Bear Hugs by Ditz Designs 48in. L

Item #69120

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Large Penguin
Realistic Plush Emperior Penguin 29in. H

Item #68631

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Hansa Snow Leopard Cub
Large Snow Leopard, Cub, 15.5in. H

Item #68766

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Stuffed Lynx
Resting Lynx 27.5in. L

Item #68769

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Christmas Penguin
Christmas Penguin for Outdoor Display 36in.

Item #37052

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Replacement Antlers
Reindeer Antlers "VP" for Item 37842

Item #37842A

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Our selection of animals include classic Christmas favorites like reindeer as well as cold-weather choices such as polar bears, penguins, deer, snow leopards and lynx. Our animal figures are designed to look realistic and include carefully painted faces, fur and other small details. The high-quality fiberglass construction and strict attention to detail help the animals have a more natural and convincing appearance. Of course, if you prefer a more lighthearted approach to the holidays, we also carry several funny animal figures including a fun version of Rudolph and several pieces that include elves. Light-up animals are also available for outdoor light displays. Light-up animals are powered with LED lights that are energy-efficient and match our other outdoor light display offerings.

Our selection of reindeer and animals vary greatly in size. Choose an attractive tabletop piece or opt for a giant outdoor figure that will easily be seen from the street. With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find an animal figure that suits your needs. Several of the animals are designed to match our nativity scenes, giving you the freedom to customize your piece according to your personal preferences.

Many of our animal figures are painted to appear the way they would in the wild. They are not Christmas-specific and can be used throughout the year for all types of displays. They also make excellent props for photographers, movie producers and other professionals. All reindeer and animals are shipped quickly and designs are available all year long.

Santa Sleigh FAQs

  • Are reindeer the same as regular deer?

    Both deer and reindeer are Cervids, which means they are hoofed mammals in the same family but slightly different (though related) species. Reindeer—also called “caribou”—are the second-biggest species of deer (moose are the largest). The chief difference between deer and reindeer is that reindeer have adapted to cold, circumpolar climates, such as Arctic, Nordic, and boreal forests, while white-tailed and other species of “regular” deer prefer more moderate climates. Furthermore, both male and female reindeer grow antlers, whereas in most other deer species only the males grow antlers.

  • How did reindeer become associated with the legend of Santa Claus?

    Although the legend of Santa Claus is based largely on St. Nicholas of Myra (in present-day Turkey) and the Dutch character Sinterklaas, both of those figures were said to deliver presents by traveling on a white horse. That is how Santa Claus was depicted in European tales of Christmas for centuries. But then, in 1821, a New York printer published an anonymous booklet about Santa that first introduced the concept of flying reindeer drawing Santa’s sleigh. Finally, in 1823, the famous poem titled “A Visit from St. Nicholas” (better known as “The Night Before Christmas”) was published, featuring eight flying reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh and even giving them names! A ninth reindeer, the red-nosed Rudolph, was added to the mix in 1939 when a department store copywriter was assigned the task of creating a new Christmas story as a holiday gimmick.

  • What are the size ranges of your outdoor Reindeer decorations?

    Our reindeer decorations range in size from 13 inches tall to 79 inches tall.

  • What materials are your Reindeer decorations made from?

    Many of our outdoor Reindeer figures are made from durable, chip-resistant fiberglass. Others are LED light displays with metal frames and mounting hardware. By contrast, many of our indoor Reindeer decorations are made with a strong, durable metal frame that is covered in soft fur-like fabric, not suitable for outdoor display.

  • How are your large outdoor Reindeer decorations made?

    All our large outdoor reindeer figures are made using a molding process similar to that used in the manufacture of fiberglass boats. After the fiberglass has cured, it is sanded and painted using sunlight-resistant paint. Once the paint has dried, the surface of the figure is sealed against the weather using a clear urethane coating.

  • How do I care for my outdoor Reindeer decorations?

    Because all our large Reindeer figures are designed and made for outdoor use, they will withstand all kinds of weather, including rain and snow. Many of these large products have ground-mounting plates and D-rings for attaching to the ground or other fixed surfaces such as walls and trees. When setting up the figure, make sure it is stable and will not be blown over by the wind. Tether the figure to a wall or post with monofilament fishing line or flexible wire. We recommend ensuring that the figures are not left in standing water or frozen to the ground for lengthy periods.

  • How do I store my outdoor Reindeer decorations after the holiday season?

    When the holiday season is over, the figures can be wiped clean with a soft damp cloth to remove dirt and bird droppings . Do not use detergents or liquid cleaners, as these may dull the shine of the item. They should be stored indoors, in a clean , dry place, and returned to the original cartons or wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent scratching.


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