Your Legal Right to Display a Nativity Scene

We are all aware of the controversial nature of religious display on both public and private property. Many newspaper stories have been written recently about Christians and Christian families being denied the right to display a Nativity Scene on private as well as public property.


We are not attorneys nor are we experts in constitutional law. What we offer, for your information and education, are links to three very informative websites. These websites are The Thomas More Law Center, www.thomasmore.org. They were a help to Christmas Night since Thomas Kiley purchased one of our life size outdoor Nativity scenes to honor his family of five generations in Bedford NY and was able to display it on public land.


Also please visit The National Legal Foundation at www.nlf.net. and see www.achw.org/html/nlf.html for Nativity display stories and a letter from the chief counsels of the foundation and center spelling out the details of our right to display a Nativity scene on public and private property.


Lastly, for advice and encouragement from a citizen who fought city hall and won, please visit Bruce Barilla at www.nativityhelp.org.