Fiberglass versus Resin/Stone mix for Outdoor Figures

Our customers want to know what the difference is between the two most common molding materials and which is better.  This article will explain the basic differences between the two processes and benefits of each.


Fiberglass Construction

Fiberglass begins with threads of glass which are created when liquid molten glass is forced through a sieve.  These threads of glass are then mixed with liquid plastic resin.  In this liquid state, the material is flexible enough to flow into all the fine details of the mold and create an authentic and attractive product.

Fiberglass is an ideal material for large sculptures because of its strength, its durability even in extremes of temperature and its light weight.  For example, the hulls of boats are made from fiberglass and can withstand the forces of storms at sea while they are still light weight and can be designed with dynamic details.

Resin/Stone Mix 

 This construction method usually involves mixing a filler material such as stone or marble with the molten plastic resin and forcing it into the mold.  This process can also utilize the fine details of the mold.  For the same size of mold the pieces produced will tend to be heavier and somewhat more brittle than they would be if made from Fiberglass.  

Polyresin is ideal for smaller figures or products with fine detail.  In larger figures it would tend to be heavy and less durable although still able to withstand extremes of temperature and moisture just like fiberglass.


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