Choosing a Nativity For Your Church

As a website for serious nativity buyers, Christmas Night Inc. receives many calls from church parishioners who are members of, or the head of a committee appointed by the priest or minister or created by concerned church members, Knights of Columbus or Mens Group, to search out alternatives and make a recommendation regarding a new nativity set, manger scene or nativity scene for their church.

Many churches are finding that it is time to replace the beloved thirty, forty or fifty year old outdoor nativity set that can no longer be repaired and/or painted and set up for another Christmas. Others are deciding that a large outdoor or indoor nativity set makes a more public statement of their faith than the smaller indoor nativities that they have been displaying. Still other congregations are deciding that a beautiful, large outdoor nativity scene with the Holy Family, The Magi, the shepherd and sheep and all the other animals, spotlighted in a unique stable makes their church stand out from others in their town or village.

Whatever the reason for these folks contacting us, we suggest that they proceed as follows:

  1. Visit our website www.christmasnightinc.com and note all of the various nativity sets that you feel might meet the needs of your church. As "The Ultimate Source for the Serious Nativity Buyer" Christmas Night offers a selection of medium, large, life size and giant nativity sets unmatched anywhere. These sets include Holy Families, Angels, camels, Wise men and the full array of nativity set animals including the donkey, ox (or cow) and  Shepherds and a variety of sheep.
  2. Call us toll free at 888-900 2073 and discuss your list and needs with our product specialists. We will listen carefully to your thoughts and budget and we may suggest alternatives based upon our wide experience in specifying nativity scenes for all sizes of churches.
  3. With your list of possible nativity sets and your mail address, we will mail you a package of full color 8 inch by 10 inch glossy photos of each of the nativity sets you requested. This package will also include the dimensions of the set and information on our shipping service and its cost.
  4. This presentation package may then be used at the next meeting of your selection committee, presented to your priest or minister or reproduced and used as a central part of a fund raising campaign for the purchase of the recommended nativity set.
  5. Again, our product specialists are always available during any part of this process to offer suggestions and advice.
  6. Once the final choice has been made, the purchase can be completed with an order through our website shopping basket, confirmed by credit card telephone call to our order desk or a mail order accompanied by a check. In both cases the full amount of the nativity purchase and the delivery service cost must be paid in advance. Beginning in May and until we sell out of stock in early December, most items are in stock in our warehouse in Amsterdam New York (near Albany NY).  Once your order is confirmed we ship within 24 hours.
  7. The large sets suitable for churches are usually quite bulky and heavy. They are shipped on wood pallets or what truckers call "skids". Most of our church size nativities are too heavy and bulky to be shipped via UPS or FedEx and therefore are shipped via LTL (less than truckload) specialized trucking companies. These truckers use trucks with a "lift gate" or small elevator platform on the back of the truck so they can lower your skids to the ground outside your delivery destination. The individual boxes containing the set may then be carried by hand indoors for inspection and storage.
  8. The larger, more visible church style nativity sets are very popular and, sell out quickly. Please try to get a decision as quickly as possible ( we know how committees can be) to avoid disappointment.

In case this information sheet has not answered all of your questions, please call us at Christmas Night Inc at 888-775-0010 or 888-900-2073.


2022 Pre-Order Program

Thank you for being (or wanting to be) our customer during the 2021 Christmas season. We hope you and your family had a joyous Christmas celebration.

If you missed purchasing one of our items or if you want to ensure that you get a particular display for Christmas 2022, we are offering a 2022 Pre-Order program, starting January 1, 2022.

Please submit data below to start the process for your pre-order item, or call us at 888 900 2073 to order or with any questions. We will confirm your order details, the price and take your deposit of 33%. When your product is re-stocked in 2022 we will contact you, confirm the shipping cost, collect the balance and ship.

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