Caring For Your Nativity Set or Christmas Figure

Congratulations!. In choosing a Nativity Set or Christmas figure from Christmas Night Inc. The Source for Church Nativity Sets and Life Size Christmas Decor

A few points about care of your new set or figure will allow you to enjoy your display for many years to come.

  1. Please retain the or figure in the original packing material in which the set  or figure was shipped.  If you have room, try to repack the set at the end of the season and store it in this packaging. This packing material was designed to cushion and protect the set during shipping and will do the same during storage.
  2. Before packing the set or figure away for storage, let the pieces dry, then carefully wipe all surfaces of the set with a clean dry cloth. DO NOT USE DETERGENTS, DISH WASHING PRODUCTS OR CLEANING PRODUCTS OF ANY KIND, these may remove the protective coating over the paint and may cause chipping of the paint, either now or in the future. Stains or hard to remove foreign materials such as bird droppings may be removed by the use of a damp cloth and some gentle rubbing... DO NOT USE A HOSE OR PRESSURE WASHER AS THIS MAY DAMAGE THE SURFACE.
  3. Most of our Large Nativities and Christmas figures are made of fiberglass and designed for outdoor use. This means they are painted with sunlight resistant paint and finished in the factory with a clear sealer. We do not recommend applying additional sealer to new figures as this may marr the appearance and the affect of the piece. If you decide to apply sealer, after some years of display, be sure to brush on one coat of sealer. Do not use spray sealer.
  4. When setting up the statue(s) at the beginning of each Christmas season, we recommend that the figures be secured in some way after they are put in place.. The taller figures can be attached with wire or nylon line to pegs in the ground or a piece of steel rebar can be hammered into the ground behind each figure and secured with nylon line or wire.  This will reduce the possibility of breakage from tipping over as a result of wind, uneven ground or vandalism.  Sand bags may also be used to hold down and stabilize  the bases of  the taller figures. If you are showing some figures in a wood stable, you can attach the pieces to the floor. We do not recommend driving a screw into the figure, even on the bottom as this may cause the resin to crack and/or the paint to chip. The standing fiberglass figures do come with mounting plates.
  5. Please be sure not to leave the statues in standing water.  In the event of freezing and thawing temperatures, make sure your statue(s) do not become frozen to the ground.  Keep figures free from pooling water and brush off accumulating snow, as this may cause water to get under the paint and cause the paint to chip or fall off.
  6. All of our figures are painted with paint which is resistant to the ultraviolet rays of the sun (UV).  Despite this special paint these figures will eventually fade, although given the relatively short time that they are displayed each year, this fading will occur over quite a long time.

2022 Pre-Order Program

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