Best Outdoor Christmas Decorations Without Electricity

On a bit of a budget or not thrilled with wasting energy? Non-electric outdoor decorations are still quite lovely and festive. Lights aren't always necessary!

When you're dealing with lights, there is so much to consider. You mustn't overload your grid and blow circuit breakers, make sure all cords are protected from moisture and take the risk of climbing a ladder, for starters. And even then, there's no guarantee that all of your lights even work. Often, one bad bulb will ruin the whole string and lead to at least an hour of frustration.

Keep in mind your monthly electric budget, too. Older light displays that don't have LED or some other energy-efficient bulb option can add a bit of a surprising uptick in electric usage costs. There's no point in struggling through that month's bill just to have a fancy holiday house. Be sensible and try out some non-electric decorations this year.

For example, a nativity scene will look right at home underneath the stars and moon. Besides firelight, there was no other way to see in the dark than by the guidance of celestial bodies back then. And before Rudolf came along, Santa Claus had no choice but to "dash away all" into the darkness, so know your reindeer will be fine without twinkle lights. Some nativity scenes will come featured with their own lighting, however, and flood lights are available for reasonable prices at any hardware store. 

You don't have to exclusively focus on the nativity or Santa Claus, either. Even simple "winter" decorations can make your season jolly. Line your driveway or walkway with tall candy canes for a sweet entry to your home. Classic sleds can be either left plain or dressed up with garlands and ornaments. Christmas bells, nutcrackers and snowmen all bring out warm holiday feelings despite their winter appearance. Don't forget there are more cold-weather critters out there than just reindeer. Throw a polar bear or penguin into the mix. No one should feel left out on Christmas Day.


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