Best Outdoor Christmas Decorations for Businesses

If you are a small business owner, then you already know that your office is kind of an extension of your house. Long days spent there turn into nights, and before you know it, Christmastime is upon us once again. But if you're never home, you'll never see the great lights you took all Saturday to put up.

Decorating your place of business, both inside and out, is an easy way for you to enjoy the holidays even when you're at work. Your customers and clients will appreciate it, too. If you can pay special attention to lights and decorations during the holiday, then surely you can pay close attention to them and their needs.

If appropriate, go with a nativity set, but make sure it isn't too large and ostentatious. Restraint is key when decorating a business, keeping in mind that everyone may not share your practices and decorative tastes. Traditional painted statues abound, but if you want, opt for white stone statues that are reminiscent of Roman sculptures or garden art. Angels are also a popular motif that allows you to express your feelings about the season without bringing the entire Holy Family into the picture. Do note that many businesses may want to tend towards non-religious decorations though, as many patrons will be celerating holidays other than Christmas at this time of year!

So if you want stick with non-religious decor and make your business a Christmas wonderland, line the path approaching the front door with tall fiberglass candy canes. Santa Claus, elves, nutcrackers and toy soldier figures give a luster of whimsy to your business' entryway. Animals like reindeer, penguins, polar bears and more would be adorable additions to somewhere like a veterinarian's practice, or for anyone who loves animals. Imagery like angels and the Start of Bethlehem are subtle ways to slip a bit of religious imagery into your décor without going overboard (or over-sleigh, if you will.)

Keep the light of the holiday season shining bright even after office hours. Light displays and strands of twinkly bulbs can be put on a timer for passersby to enjoy, without burning all night and wasting electricity. Share your season's greetings while being a good neighbor!


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