Toy Soldiers

A large Christmas toy soldier is the perfect way to bring king-sized joy to the holiday season. Our fiberglass toy soldier statues can stand guard inside or outside against those who would Grinch up the occasion. We have life-size toy soldiers, jumbo soldier figures and toy soldiers with batons, trumpets or drums. Add a display drum separately for your soldier to play or stand at attention on. LED light display toy soldiers will keep the Christmas spirit alive around the clock so you'll feel like a kid anytime.

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Huge Soldier Statue
Giant Toy Soldier with Drum 9 ft H

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Toy Soldier 9 foot
Giant Toy Soldier with Trumpet 9 ft H

Item #37044

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Toy Soldier Pair
Life Size Toy Soldiers with Batons 6.5 ft H

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Toy Soldier 10 foot high
Giant Toy Soldier 10 ft H

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Toy Soldier 10 foot high
Giant Toy Soldier with Baton in Left Hand 10 ft H

Item #37029

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Toy Soldier 10 foot high
Giant Toy Soldier with Baton in Right Hand 10 ft H

Item #37028

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Toy Soldiers
Life Size Toy Soldier with Trumpet Pair 6 ft H each

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Toy soldiers have been mentioned in Christmas tales dating back for centuries. The practice of creating soldier figurines is thought to have begun in ancient Egypt, though techniques and materials used to create the figures have certainly improved since then to include hollow figures made of fiberglass. Fiberglass is a durable and weather-resistant material that is ideal for indoor or outdoor applications. It is lightweight and resists chipping, so your holiday decorations maintain their beauty and mystique for years to come.

Toy soldiers at Christmas Night Inc. are larger than life and full of fun. The fairy tale figures are sure to be one of your favorite holiday decorations. Place one outside to stand guard through the night, or add one to an entryway display to welcome guests and kick off the holiday season in style. The toy soldiers are designed to stand alone, making them easy to place in virtually any location. Soldiers are available with a variety of accessories, though the traditional baton or trumpet are customer favorites. Light-up toy soldiers that use LED lights and garland are also popular for outdoor use.

Order your favorite toy soldier today and give your holiday display the perfect finishing touch. Our toy soldiers range in size from a petite 5 feet to a massive 16 feet tall. Of course, no toy soldier should have to stand guard on their own, so be sure to order a matching soldier for a complete set. Toy soldiers are packaged carefully and shipped quickly, ensuring they arrive at their destination on time and in great condition. Toy soldiers are a popular choice during the Christmas season, so order early to make sure you get your favorite style.