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6 foot Candy Canes
Pair of Pink Candy Canes 6 ft High

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Sweet Display
Candy Cake Scene 6 ft High

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Lollipop Statue
Lollipop 6 ft High

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Nutcracker statue
Nutcracker Candy Cake 6 ft High

Item #38003

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Pink Candy Cane Statue
Pink Candy Cane 6 ft High

Item #38001

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Gingerbread figures
Gingerbread Family 6 ft scale

Item #39930

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Fiberglass Gingerbread Man
Gingerbread Man 76.5in H

Item #39931

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Outdoor Gingerbread
Gingerbread Woman 68in. H

Item #39932

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Enjoy the delight of the sweet decor with our assortment of premium candy cake décor from Christmas Night Inc. Our products can be used either indoors or outdoors to help create the winter wonderland of your dreams. Whatever style you prefer, we have what you are looking for - choose from high-quality painted and sealed fiberglass ornamentation to premium lighted displays of varying colors, sizes and styles. Each of our products is made to provide you with season after season of high-performance beauty, and is made to last through all sorts of inclement weather.

Check out our assortment of candy décor and find the one that best suits your residential or commercial needs. Make the most of your holiday décor with one of the most cherished symbols of Christmas and invoke the magic of the holiday season with decorations from Christmas Night Inc.

Candy Canes FAQs

  • Where did candy canes come from?

    There are no precise records that specify the origin of the candy cane, however, there is a legend that in the 17th century, a choirmaster for children gave out sugar sticks to the children he worked with shaped in a hook in order to look like a shepherd’s staff. The shape was supposedly meant to represent the shepherds and sheep who witnessed the birth of Jesus. There is another theory that the shape of candy canes was created simply to make them easy to hang on trees at Christmas as part of the festivities.

  • What are some of the most common uses of giant candy cane decorations?

    Giant candy cane decorations are used most commonly at Christmas festivals, outside of storefronts, and for seasonal decorations at institutions such as schools and churches. These candy cane decorations add festive cheer to many different locales and help keep people in the holiday spirit wherever you place them.

  • Where does the famous flavor of candy canes come from?

    In a word: peppermint. Peppermint gives candy canes the famous flavor that everyone craves at Christmas time. Mint has been considered highly valuable for centuries for both medicinal use and use in cuisine. Due to candy cane’s popularity, peppermint flavor has become a hallmark of the holiday season each year for many all over the world.

  • What types of life-sized candy canes does Christmas Nights offer?

    Christmas Nights offers simple giant decoration, state of the art aluminum candy canes, fiberglass candy canes, and LED candy canes that light up in the dark. We also offer life-sized gingerbread character decorations which often pair well with giant candy canes on display.

  • How big are the LED Candy Cane decorations you sell?

    Our LED candy canes come in heights of 6 ft. and 9 ft. Depending the size and location of your display, you will want to make sure the LED candy cane you desire will fit appropriately.

  • What is the largest giant candy cane you offer for sale?

    The largest candy cane decorations we sell are 9 ft tall. Our 9 ft candy canes are often an eye-catching addition for an outdoor Christmas display.


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