Saint Stories: Saint Lucy

While much of the history around Lucy has been lost, what is known about her story is legendary. At a young age Lucy pledged herself in service of Christ yet when she approached marrying age, her mother agreed to an arranged marriage for Lucy with a pagan man. Soon after Lucy's mother became ill. Lucy prayed for her mother and Saint Agatha appeared to her in a dream, telling her that Lucy's mother would be cured through faith. Her mother recovered from her illness soon after, and Lucy went ahead with her vows to Christ, leaving her betrothed spurned and angered. Her onetime bridegroom reported Lucy's faith to the governor, who ordered his guards to take action.

Every attempt to punish Lucy was thwarted almost as if by an unknown protector. She was ordered to defilement in a brothel, however guards could not move her. Guards tried to burn her, but were unable to light bundles of wood placed around her. Finally guards used their swords to gouge Lucy's eyes out and ultimately killed the devout Christian martyr in the same manner. When Lucy was prepared for burial, it was observed that her eyes were restored.

Saint Lucy died during the Diocletian Persecution. Her legend was spread through the region, and was recognized in Rome, where she was venerated as a saint by the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran and Orthodox churches. Saint Lucy is often shown in paintings and other images holding a golden plate or cup containing her eyes. She often holds a palm branch to symbolize her victory over evil.

Quick Facts about St. Lucy

Feast Day: December 13

Lived in Syracuse

Canonized during pre-congregation

Symbolized by eyes on a plate or in a cup

Lucy means "light" or "lucid"

Patron saint of the blind and those with eye-trouble


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