Even when there's not a single snowflake on the ground, it will still feel like Christmas as long as there's a large snowman figure nearby. These fiberglass life-size outdoor snowmen are as beautiful as new-fallen snow and won't fade under the real stuff. We have snowmen figures with brooms, adorable father-son snowman sets and even snowmen benches for greeting folks in stores, hospitals and parks. If you want the nights to be holly and jolly as well, get an LED animated snowman for the yard.

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Snowman Head Stack
Snowman Stack - 64 inches

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Snowman with Broom
Snowman with Top Hat - 4 ft

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Our oversized snowmen are made of fiberglass, which allows them to last through years of use without fading or losing their charm. The high-quality pieces make great additions to businesses, shopping malls, hospitals and other commercial venues. The outdoor creations are made of materials that won't melt or fail in warm environments, so even if there isn't any snow on the ground, there can still be a giant snowman rising from the grass, greeting anyone that passes by.

Our giant snowmen are specifically designed for commercial use. They can be used indoors or out, and are available with great options, such as LED lights that give the snowmen a festive glow. If you're looking for a non-traditional snowman, try an LED version that will light up any window or building exterior. More traditional styles with colorful scarves, sweaters and top hats are also available. Choose the design that best fits your needs and decor to give your business the festive feel it's been lacking. Jumbo snowmen are also great as props for photographers, movie producers or anyone that needs to create a festive, winter landscape.

For convenience, all snowmen are shipped to the address provided during checkout. For help ordering, or for questions, please contact our courteous and knowledgeable customer service team. Shipping is quick, so whether it's the middle of the summer or the peak of the holiday season, you'll get your large snowman figures in no time at all.