The Nutcracker is one of the most recognized holiday characters, and our jumbo nutcracker figures will command attention to your display. These colorful fiberglass statues are molded into the shapes of kings, soldiers and other powerful medieval people. We offer nutcracker displays in several sizes, including small 3-foot nutcrackers, 6-foot nutcrackers and giant 12-foot figures that are larger than life. Kids, customers and neighbors will go nuts for your new decoration as it lords over the courtyard. Use them indoors or outdoors when you need seasonal royalty.

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Outdoor Nutcrackers
Life Size Nutcracker Soldier Blue Jacket 6 ft H

Item #36811

MSRP $780.00

Your Price $599.00

Life Size Nutcracker Soldier Red Jacket 6 ft H

Item #36812

MSRP $780.00

Your Price $599.00

Nutcracker King
Life Size Nutcracker King 6.5 ft H

Item #37005

MSRP $999.00

Your Price $899.00

Nutcracker Statue
Life Size Nutcracker King Scepter in Left Hand 6.5 ft H

Item #37007

MSRP $999.00

Your Price $899.00

Nutcracker Statue
Life Size Nutcracker King Scepter in Right Hand 6.5 ft H

Item #37006

MSRP $999.00

Your Price $899.00

Giant Display Drum
Giant Display Drum 36in.H

Item #37041

Your Price $799.00

Pair of Life Size Nutcrackers
Life Size Nutcrackers - Pair - 6 ft H

Item #37011

MSRP $999.00

Your Price $879.00

Giant Nutcracker on Drum
Giant Nutcracker on Display Drum 8.5ft H

Item #37012

MSRP $1,099.00

Your Price $999.00

Nutcrackers are most closely associated with the Christmas season, for which they are considered a traditional symbol. The original Christmas nutcrackers first appeared in Germany and were thought to guard the household they were kept in because of their strong appearance. Since their inception, nutcrackers have been made of wood, though modern designs are introducing all-weather materials, such as fiberglass.

Christmas Night Inc. carries a large selection of nutcrackers and nutcracker soldiers to choose from. They are made of chip resistant materials and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Fiberglass nutcrackers are lighter than their wooden counterparts, making them easier to ship and easier to arrange in your holiday display. Our nutcrackers come in a variety of styles and sizes, ranging from petite figures of less than 3 feet to giant nutcrackers towering over 12 feet high. The incredible selection of styles and sizes make nutcracker decorations a great solution for businesses, individuals and shopping centers. They can even be used by production crews for commercials, movies and TV. The bold colors look great on camera and the durable materials maintain their luster even after heavy use.

High-quality holiday decor is easy to find when you shop at Christmas Night Inc. We carry all of the latest styles of nutcrackers, ranging from traditional soldiers to kings and more. Our impressive selection, competitive prices and fast shipping options make finding the right addition to your holiday display easier than ever. Shop today for a great selection of oversized nutcrackers and make your next holiday the best it can be.