Nativity Sets

Whether you'd prefer a beautiful hand-painted fiberglass nativity set or a 14-piece fabric and resin nativity scene, you can embrace the joy of the Christmas story by re-creating in your home the miracle of Christ's birth. The many nativity scenes available in our online catalog range from 6 foot scale figures all the way down to 10 inch scale.

Camel Light Display
Nativity C7 LED Light Display - 7 ft Standing Camel

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Palm Tree Light Display
Nativity C7 LED Light Display - 8 ft Palm Tree

Item #71859

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Lighted Shepherd Boy and Cross
Nativity C7 LED Light Display - Shepherd Boy and Cross 6 ft.

Item #71885

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Saint Joseph
Saint Joseph 54in. scale (52in. high)

Item #33112

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Giant Joseph
Saint Joseph 71in.H - 6 foot scale Nativity Collection

Item #31012

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Mini Clips
Square Mini Clips white 50 Pack -

Item #78889

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Yellow Light Bulbs
Yellow C7 Bulbs LED 25 bag NOT LIVE

Item #78905

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Nativity Sets are reminders of the Christmas holiday that you can treasure forever. Whether you desire to display traditional nativity scenes or add your own particularly personal touches, the perfect nativity set for you is only a few clicks away. Christmas Night Inc offers you a range of materials, sizes (including life size nativity), ethnicity and additional figurines for your nativity scene.

Complete your Christmas nativity scenes with the addition of the humble stable, a glowing star, animals and your own personal touches. Our wide selection includes outdoor nativity sets, table top nativity scenes, collectible nativity sets, holy family nativity figurines and statues.

How to Make Your Outdoor Nativity Set Stand Out

Purchasing high-quality holiday display figures and accessories from Christmas Night Inc. is just the first step. Creating a unique outdoor Nativity setup that captures the essence of the season while standing out in terms of beauty, arrangement, lighting, and originality requires thoughtful planning and a touch of creativity. Here are some tips to help you design a Nativity scene that not only honors the tradition but also turns heads for its unique charm.


Choose a Focal Point

Start by deciding on a focal point for your Nativity display. While the manger scene with Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus is traditionally central, consider how you can highlight this key element most compellingly. For instance, placing the Holy Family inside a small, softly lit gazebo or under a star-shaped canopy can add a sense of wonder and focus viewers’ attention.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Enhance the authenticity and beauty of your display by adding natural features. Use hay or straw around the manger and, if possible, include real trees, bushes, or flowers to frame the scene. This approach not only adds texture and depth but also connects the story to the natural world, emphasizing its timeless relevance.

Add Innovative Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood and drawing attention to your Nativity scene. To create a serene atmosphere, reminiscent of a starlit night in Bethlehem, choose warm, soft lights. Consider using spotlights to highlight key figures, and string lights in trees or shrubs for a magical backdrop. Experiment with lanterns or LED candles for a gentle glow that invites contemplation.

Arrange with Perspective in Mind

Position your figures in a way that adds depth and guides the gaze. Place larger figures closer to the front and smaller ones further back, creating a 3D effect that invites viewers into the scene. This technique not only makes your display more visually engaging but also tells the story more dynamically.

Don’t Forget the Original Touches

Inject personal or cultural details to make your Nativity display uniquely yours. This could be through the use of traditional fabrics and crafts to dress the figures, incorporating symbols meaningful to your community. You might even consider staging a “live-action” Nativity scene with dogs, sheep, cows, or other local animals. These original touches will make your display memorable—and a topic of conversation!

Strive for a Visually Enticing Setup

Lastly, be mindful of the overall arrangement. Ensure there’s a clear path for viewers to follow, potentially leading them through the story of the Nativity. This can be achieved by strategically placing angels, shepherds, and the Wise Men in a way that guides the eye through the display, culminating in the scene of Jesus’ birth.

By focusing on these aspects of the setup, your outdoor Christmas Nativity display will not only stand out for its beauty and originality but also serve as a meaningful reflection on the season’s profound message.


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