You can’t leave Santa alone on your premium Christmas outdoor or indoor Christmas display! Liven up your decorations and make it even more festive with the addition of life-size elves to bring holiday cheer to everyone who walks by. Giant fiberglass elves with accessories and presents can add whimsical charm to your life-size holiday displays and liven them up, especially if you want imbue children with more Christmas spirit. Discover the perfect elves to add to your Christmas scene in Christmas Night’s available collection below.

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The origin of the “Christmas Elf” dates back to ancient Scandinavian folklore! Pointy eared, small, mischievous creatures were popularized in writings by many storytellers through history. People would ask elves for help against their woes and evil spirits, and they were often depicted as mischievous and performing pranks on mortals. As time went on, these elves became more and more associated with Christmas, especially during the 19th century. The modern version of the elf was cemented in the 1870s due to images in popular booklets and magazines.

Now, everyone imagines Christmas elves assisting Santa Claus all year and the association with the most prominent figure of the holiday has been cemented in the public imagination for a long, long time. You can make their imaginations continue to run wild by adding some giant fiberglass Christmas Elves to your outdoor displays!

Christmas Night provides a variety of options for Christmas Elf decorations, ranging from full scenes including props and sleighs to individual elves you can add to spice up your own custom scenes. Elves are a terrific decoration for festivals, malls, and large events. They add a sense of mischief and joy to the scenery that passersby always appreciate.

Don’t simply stick with a sleigh or santa for your premium Christmas display. Life-size Christmas elves can add flair and variety to your presentation and greatly improve your Christmas ambiance.


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