Get in the holiday spirit with festive outdoor carolers that will complete any traditional Christmas display. The durable, all-weather figures are available as painted statues or standing light displays. The holiday carolers are designed to enhance any Christmas display and may be purchased individually or as part of a set from Christmas Night Inc.

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Caroling Mother
Victorian Caroling Mother C7 LED Light Display 6 ft H

Item #72601

Your Price $699.00

Caroling Man
Victorian Caroling Father C7 LED Light Display 7 ft H

Item #72602

Your Price $799.00

Caroling Girl
Victorian Caroling Daughter C7 LED Light Display 5 ft H

Item #72603

Your Price $629.00

Caroling Boy
Victorian Caroling Son C7 LED Light Display 5 ft H

Item #72604

Your Price $699.00

Lamp Post Light Display
Victorian Lamp Post C7 LED Light Display 7.5 ft H

Item #72605

Your Price $599.00

Holiday Lights Victorian Woman
Victorian Skating Mother C7 LED LD 6.2 ft. H

Item #77722

Your Price $569.00

Holiday Lights Skater Father
Victorian Skating Father C7 LED LD 6.75 ft. H

Item #77721

Your Price $589.00

Holiday Lights Lamppost
Christmas Lamppost C7 LED LD 7.7 ft. H

Item #77725

Your Price $689.00

Our unique Caroler set consists of Mother and Father, Son and Daughter. The life-sized statues are dressed in traditional Victorian clothing and are posed with songbooks. The carolers are weather-resistant and may be used indoors or out. The base of each caroler contains metal security plates for easy attachment to the ground. The vibrant painted details and high-quality craftsmanship are evident in each piece.

Light-up carolers are also available. The LED Christmas displays are energy-efficient and make an excellent addition to any private home, drive-through or commercial holiday display. The LED light displays come with everything needed to set them up. Stands for installations on hard surfaces are also available for an additional charge. The giant figures are lightweight and all lights are part of a single strand for easy operation.


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