Animated Reindeer Pair C7 LED Light Display 8 ft. W

Holiday Lights Reindeer Set
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Holiday Lights Reindeer
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Holiday Lights Reindeer Set
Holiday Lights Reindeer

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Animated Reindeer Pair Display lit with commercial grade C7 LED lights......Read More


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Featuring exciting moving legs, this set of two Holiday Lighting Specialists LED animated reindeer is absolutely ideal for your rooftop Christmas display. The figures are handcrafted in Canada with 234 commercial-grade C7 LED lights and may be easily inserted into the ground and secured with the included guy wires, set up on a flat surface with two 60-inch floor stands or displayed on a peaked roof with two 60-inch roof bases. To animate your Reindeer WITHOUT owning the sleigh, purchase an animation controller separately.

  • Display size: H 5.9' W 6.2' each
  • Weighs 22 pounds
  • Uses 1.7 amps and 204 watts
  • Five-season limited warranty
  • Shipping weight: 42 pounds
  • Made in Canada
  • Fixed shipping to 48 contiguous United States
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