About Us

Claire and Don Henderson are partners in Christmas Night Inc.

In one of his previous companies, Don made Christmas and Halloween figures, sold to large retail stores.These figures were the late-lamented blow mold items, now objects of desire for collectors and the subject of stories and myths.

Claire started Christmas Night in 1999 to fill a consumer direct market need for complete Nativity Sets, Holy Families and large outdoor Christmas figures, including Santa, Snowmen, Toy Soldiers and Nutcrackers. Our sets and figures are Life Size, fully detailed, colorful, expressive and very beautiful. We design new figures  have them made in our factories in the Philippines and China and shipped by ocean container to our warehouse in New York.

We work hard to obtain the best quality and outdoor durability possible and we are always challenging our factories to improve. We are constantly adding new items and improving existing sets and figures.

We try to always treat our customers in the way that we would want to be treated.

Our services include; providing a toll free number on our website, and answering the phone when someone calls, carrying the majority of our items in stock in our warehouse, so we can ship in 24-48 hours and insisting on more durable packaging  to improve delivery quality.Also, we provide free presentation packages of our large Nativity Sets and Outdoor Displays to customers who are working with a committee or other decision makers.

We are proud of our people, our products and the pleasure we give to people who celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. and enjoy the Christmas season.

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