Indoor Nativity Sets

Indoor Nativity sets let you bring the magic and history of Christmas to your home, church or business. The beautiful indoor sets are smaller in size than their outdoor counterparts. Sets come in a variety of sizes ranging from simple Holy Family trios, to large 14-piece groups that include shepherds, animals and more. Besides sets, Christmas Night Inc. also carries individual pieces like angels, sheep and more to expand existing sets.

Real Life Nativity Animals

Real Life Donkey, Ox, Sitting and Standing Camels 14" scale

Item # 83107

The Real Life Creche Animals from Three Kings Gifts...

Your Price $55.00

Angels and Shepherds

Real Life Shepherds and Angel 14" scale

Item # 83106

The Real Life Shepherds and Angel from Three Kings Gifts...

Your Price $59.00

Real Life Nativity Stable

Real Life Stable with Light 14" scale

Item # 83120

The Real Life Creche for 14 inch scale figures...

Your Price $99.00

Three Kings Holy Family

Real Life Three Kings and Star 14" Scale

Item # 83105

The Real Life Magi from Three Kings Gifts...

Your Price $81.00

Storytellers Holy Family

Story Teller's Holy Family 20"H

Item # 97831

Story Tellers Holy Family in beautifully carved detail...

MSRP $109.00

Your Price $75.00

Plush Brown Hen

Plush Brown Hen 16"H

Item # 68607

Realistic plush Brown Hen from Hansa's "Portraits in Nature"...

Your Price $65.00

Plush Resting Lamb

Plush Resting Lamb 10" H

Item # 68503

Realistic plush Resting Lamb from Hansa's "Portraits in Nature". This Lamb is part of Nativity Set Item 60500...

Your Price $59.00

White Hen

Plush White Hen 16"H

Item # 68608

Realistic plush White Hen from Hansa's "Portraits in Nature"...

Your Price $65.00

Large Baby Jesus

Large Holy Family BABY in Resin and Fabric - 42" scale

Item # 60504-3

Stunning Large resin and fabric Holy Family perfect for inside your Church, Religious institution, commercial or home location...

Your Price $99.00

Plush sheep

Large Plush Sheep 20"H

Item # 68605

Realistic plush Sheep from Hansa's "Portraits in Nature".

Your Price $99.00

Masterpiece Collection Fontanini Angel

Fontanini Gloria Angel 12 inch scale Masterpiece Collection

Item # 52721

Fontanini Gloria Angel from the 12" scale Masterpiece Collection.

Your Price $92.00

The indoor Nativity sets are carefully crafted for accuracy. They are delicately painted with strict attention to detail. Figures are dressed in appropriate costume and the colors chosen to paint the sets are reflective of the available colors of the time in which the Nativity took place. Sets range in scale from small tabletop designs to large, floor-size models.

Order your favorite indoor Nativity set today and re-create the magic of the birth of Jesus. The sets make a beautiful addition to any holiday decor and the large selection of available designs ensures you'll find something you like. The sets ship quickly, so whether you have months or weeks until the holiday season, you can rest easy knowing you'll get your Nativity set on time.