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Frequently Asked Questions


We'd be happy to answer your questions.  Call us at 888 775 0010.

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions:

1. Can you send me a catalog?
-As an ecommerce retailer, our website is our catalog. Please visit our website and look  under BY  CATEGORY,BY BRAND, BY PRICE or type your product number into the box that says "What are you looking for?" and click on the magnifying glass
-For clients such as churches, businesses, municipalities or anyone interested in researching and buying large  Nativity Scenes or Large Christmas Decor we do offer a presentation service. Please click on the box titled INFORMATION REQUEST FORMS and follow the instructions

2. Does Christmas Night offer wholesale prices to retail stores, designers and decorators and Christmas re-sellers?
-Christmas Night Inc. is happy to offer access to our own wholesle prices to approved Christmas resellers and designer/.decorators. Please click on the "Wholesale Pricing" link and follow the process of becoming qualified
-For a further explanation of this policy, please call our toll free number 1-888-900 2070

3. In order to purchase a set or obtain presentation pictures, I am going to give Christmas Night Inc. my name, addresses and email address. What about my privacy and the security of my information?
-Christmas Night will not sell, rent, license or in any way disclose your information to any other party.
-Your information is held in a secure part of our website and our service provider and website are audited regularly by security services on behalf of the major credit card companies to ensure integrity and security.
-From time to time, Christmas Night will be sending out a newsletter containing information on now-in-stock items, new sets (and items) and special offers. This newsletter will include an opt-out link if you no longer wish to be informed of our news.

4. What happened to your Garden Statues?
-We now have a new home for these figures and lots more at