Table Top Santas

Nothing says Christmas more than a jolly Santa Claus figure decked out in his signature red suit with white fur trim. Table top Santas are the perfect way to celebrate the holiday in your home. Just display one on a table, mantle, desk or other surface and instantly bring an heir of festivities to any space. Table top Santas can be used in virtually any location from private homes to offices, and more.

Christmas Night Inc. carries a variety of table top Santa figures to choose from including popular depictions of the jolly man carrying his magical bag of gifts. The gift-toting North American version of Santa is dressed in his red suit and has a perpetual smile that is sure to spread holiday cheer wherever it is placed. Another popular version features Santa Claus holding onto a lamp post, similar to the type one would expect to find in the North Pole. Like other depictions of the man in red, the lamp post clutching Santa is full of joy and smiling from ear to ear.

Order your favorite table top Santa today and enjoy the beauty, quality and timelessness of the Christmas classics. Our Santa Claus figures are carefully crafted and include finely painted details. They are available to order all year for convenience.


Pre-Order Sale for Christmas 2021

To answer the many requests we had from customers, prior to Christmas 2020, who were disappointed that their special Christmas decoration or Nativity figure was sold out, we are announcing a pre-order sale.

As you may have heard, the current product import system is under great stress, with too many orders and too few containers available to deliver them to the US. There is a great deal of uncertainty about deliveries and shipping costs, but what is certain is that retail prices on imported product will increase in 2021

Nevertheless, for our loyal customers, we will hold 2020 retail prices, on select items, for orders placed by February 28 for delivery in June/July/August 2021.

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you to place your order.

Our terms for this sale are a deposit of 50% of the discounted purchase price. Shipping is extra and will be confirmed when you pay the balance of your order.

When you place your order we will enter a layaway order with your down payment credited.

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