Add one of our Santa figures to a classic Christmas display and get everyone in the holiday spirit. Large fiberglass outdoor Santa statues and animated statues are the perfect centerpieces for front yards, schools, stores and towns. If you're tight on space for the big guy, tabletop Santa figurines will add a festive tone to desks and mantles. Christmas Night Inc. also has human-size Santa thrones, Christmas mailboxes, holiday jesters and other large decorations. These colorful, stable figures will brighten the hearts of children young and old!

Mrs. Santa
Life Size Mrs. Santa Outdoor - 61 ins high

Item #36003

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Santa for Sleigh
Sitting Santa Silver Boots for Jumbo Sleigh & Reindeer - 48in. high

Item #37808

MSRP $799.00

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full view of sitting santa
Deluxe Santa for Santa Sleigh & Reindeer - 48in. high

Item #37841

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Santa with Elves Photo Op
Santa and Elves Photo Op 6 ft high

Item #36004

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Santa on a Rope
Climbing Santa - 35.5in high

Item #36008

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Santa Bag
Santa's Sack Photo Op 48 in high

Item #36012

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Outdoor Santa 6 foot
Life Size Santa Outdoor - 74 in. Tall

Item #36005

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Santa with Sign
Santa with Merry Christmas Sign - 58in. high

Item #37855

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Christmas Bear with Gifts 46in. high

Item #39910

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Holiday Lights Santa
Animated Waving Santa C7 LED LD 7.5 ft. high

Item #77732

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Ball Seat
Giant Bauble Seat 40 inches

Item #37905

MSRP $999.00

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According to tradition, Santa Claus flies around the world every year on the night before Christmas to deliver toys and gifts to the homes of good girls and boys. Santa Claus is known by many names, including Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle and Papa Noel. Santa, the symbol of Christmas, is the modern interpretation of Santa Claus, who was originally a Dutch figure that was made popular during the Christianization of Germanic Europe. The popular North American Santa Claus is known by his trademark red suit with white fur trim and black boots.

Christmas Night Inc. is your source for life-size and giant yard Santa Claus figures. Our Santas are made out of the most durable materials to ensure years of use. The fiberglass creations are ideal for indoor or outdoor use and can be paired with other figures and props to suit your needs. Choose a brilliant LED Santa for a landscaped area in front of a business or opt for a smaller Santa figurine for a home display. Whatever your needs are, you'll find the prefect Saint Nick to bring cheer and joy to your holiday.

Our impressive selection of Santa figures encompasses all interpretations of the jolly old man. Choose an elegant giant Saint Nick in flowing robes for a religious display or opt for a traditional North American Santa in a red suit for a yard display in front of a business or home. Our Santas are available in standing or sitting positions and can be paired with sleighs and reindeer for festive holiday scenes. No matter which size, design or type of Santa you choose, your Christmas display will surely be the talk of the town.


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