Santa Sleigh

The legend of Santa making his deliveries is one that grows every December. And with a Santa sleigh and reindeer display, you can bring the legend to life. Our complete sets feature Santa in a sleigh with reindeer ready to pull him through the sky. We also have sleighs, flight teams and Santa figures sold separately. Indoor Santa/reindeer sets are perfect for malls and toy stores while fiberglass outdoor St. Nick's will brighten up the yard. Add an LED Santa sleigh light display to show the way at night!

Holiday Lights Santa Sleigh
Animated Santa Sleigh C7 LED Light Display 8 ft. W

Item #77765

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Holiday Lights Reindeer Set
Animated Reindeer Pair C7 LED Light Display 8 ft. W

Item #77766

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Capture the magic and mystery of the holiday season with a home or mall display featuring Santa, his sleigh and reindeer. Christmas Night Inc. carries a number of different displays to choose from, so you can always get the right size and style for your needs. Whether you're looking for a lightweight piece for your front lawn, a miniature set to mount atop a display shelf or a larger resin creation to mount on the roof of your business, our large selection of decorations and affordable prices will ensure your holiday display is the best on the block.

For those that feel bigger is always better, our life-size Santa, sleigh and reindeer sets are sure to please. The larger than life designs are sturdy enough to hold one adult or several children, making them a great prop for holiday parties, photography events, public celebrations and more. Our Santa, sleigh and reindeer displays are separated into 3 categories so you can easily find the right piece for your needs. Simply click on the category that most closely matches what you're looking for. Choose from life-size Santa, sleigh and reindeer displays, outdoor Santa, sleigh and reindeer displays or indoor Santa, sleigh and reindeer displays. After making your selection, choose from the available designs and sit back while your handsome holiday piece is delivered right to your home or business.

Santa Sleigh FAQs

  • What types of Santa Sleigh products do you carry?

    Christmas Night Inc. carries a large variety of Santa and sleigh displays for your Christmas decoration needs. We have life-size individual Santas and sleighs for your business’s lawn, full sleigh displays that are perfect for rooftops, and even large LED Santa sleighs that will brighten up store displays. You are sure to find the perfect Santa sleigh decoration for your property while browsing through our numerous options.

  • What ways can our Santa Sleigh displays be used on different properties?

    Depending on the specific display you choose, there are multiple ways to make positive and cheerful use of our Santa Sleigh displays and decorations. You can display many of our sleighs on rooftops for an appropriate life-size tribute to Santa’s yearly visits. Our outdoor Santa sleighs can also be displayed on front lawns for an eye-catching centerpiece to your Christmas display. The Santa Sleigh light displays we offer bright and festive options for storefronts and lawns as well.

  • Do you offer appropriately life-sized outdoor Santa sleighs?

    We do! We offer numerous life-sized sleighs that you can use in a variety of ways on your property. Our offers include multiple colors and styles so you can find the outdoor Santa sleigh that you really want.

  • Do you offer bases or stands for your Santa sleigh displays?

    We do offer bases, stands, and other equipment for erecting and displaying your lighted Santa sleighs, LED Santa sleighs and life-size outdoor Santa sleighs.

  • Are reindeer decorations available to purchase to use with your Santa sleighs?

    Yes! We do offer individual reindeer if you are looking to add them to an existing Santa sleigh display. Our life-sized reindeer can improve upon your decorations you have have outdoor or indoor Santa sleighs to celebrate the season.

  • Do you offer Santa sleigh displays that are meant for indoor use?

    Yes! We offer several Santa sleigh decorations that can be used for indoor display as opposed to outdoor use.


Pre-Order Sale for Christmas 2021

To answer the many requests we had from customers, prior to Christmas 2020, who were disappointed that their special Christmas decoration or Nativity figure was sold out, we are announcing a pre-order sale.

As you may have heard, the current product import system is under great stress, with too many orders and too few containers available to deliver them to the US. There is a great deal of uncertainty about deliveries and shipping costs, but what is certain is that retail prices on imported product will increase in 2021

Nevertheless, for our loyal customers, we will hold 2020 retail prices, on select items, for orders placed by February 28 for delivery in June/July/August 2021.

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you to place your order.

Our terms for this sale are a deposit of 50% of the discounted purchase price. Shipping is extra and will be confirmed when you pay the balance of your order.

When you place your order we will enter a layaway order with your down payment credited.

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