Outdoor Nativity Sets

Recreate the spirit and magic of the Nativity story underneath the stars, in the same way it originally happened—with an outdoor Nativity set! Christmas Night Inc. carries dozens of outdoor sets to choose from, ranging in size from large 24-piece sets to petite Holy Family trios. All our outdoor sets, large and small, are fabricated with weather-resistant materials, making them perfect for open-air display in any weather.

6 ft scale Baby Jesus
Baby Jesus 21 inch Height - 6 foot scale Nativity

Item #31013

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Outdoor Shepherd
Shepherd Boy 60 inch H - 6 foot scale Outdoor Nativity

Item #31021

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Outdoor Shepherd
Shepherd with Lambs 61in. H - 6 ft scale Nativity

Item #31022

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Standing Donkey
Standing Donkey 51in.W

Item #31115

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Camel with Rug
Camel with Rug 50 inch height - 54in scale

Item #33151

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Grazing Sheep
Life Size Grazing Sheep 41in. W 26in. H

Item #31122

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Resting Sheep
Life Size Resting Sheep 40.25in. W 20in. H

Item #31121

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Standing Sheep
Life Size Standing Sheep 27 in. H

Item #31120

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Goat 32in.H

Item #31129

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Sheep Dog
Sheep Dog 30in.H

Item #31130

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Nativity baby Jesus
Infant Jesus 54in. scale

Item #33113

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Outdoor Shepherd
Shepherd Boy 45in.H - 54in. scale Nativity

Item #33120

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Angel of Gloria
Angel of Gloria Life Size 57in.H - 54in. scale Outdoor

Item #33121

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Outdoor Shepherd
Shepherd with Lambs 52in.H - 54in. scale Nativity

Item #33119

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Standing and Resting Lambs
Resting and Standing Lambs - Fiberglass (22in.W) 54in. scale

Item #33163

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Nativity Camel
Resting Camel (54in. scale) - Fiberglass

Item #33150

Your Price $699.00

Resting Donkey (54in. scale) - Fiberglass 34in.W

Item #33160

Your Price $299.00

Resting Ox
Resting Ox (54in. scale) - Fiberglass 38in.W

Item #33161

Your Price $299.00

Angel Stand
Pedestal - Winter 24in.H

Item #39900

Your Price $399.00

Baby Jesus Black
African American Infant Jesus 54in. scale Outdoor NL

Item #33513

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Life Size Black Angel
African American Angel of Gloria Life Size 57in.H - 54in. scale

Item #33535

Your Price $499.00

Outdoor Black Shepherd
African American Shepherd Boy 45in.H - 54in. scale Nativity

Item #33530

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Christmas Holy Family
Christmas Holy Family 40 inch scale

Item #34010

MSRP $729.00

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Christmas Starter Nativity
Christmas Holy Family, Angel, Sheep & Lamb 40 inch scale

Item #34005

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Three Wise Men
Christmas Three Kings 40in. scale Nativity

Item #34015

Your Price $699.00

Gloria Angel
Christmas Gloria Angel 40 ins scale

Item #34022

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Large Gloria Angel
Christmas Gloria Angel 41in. H Joseph's Studio

Item #58530

MSRP $640.00

Your Price $399.00

Small Sheep and Lamb Set
Small Sheep & Lamb Set 4 piece

Item #34023

Your Price $299.00

40 inch scale camel
Christmas Camel 40 inch scale

Item #34030

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Artisan Holy Family, Angel and Lambs from Joseph's Studio 27.5in.

Item #59566

MSRP $540.00

Your Price $479.00

Artisan Holy Family
Artisan Holy Family Joseph's Studio 27.5 inch

Item #59570

MSRP $335.00

Your Price $269.00

Artisan Three Kings by Joseph
Artisan Three Kings from Joseph's Studio 27.5 inches

Item #59572

Your Price $439.00

2D Three Kings
Life Size Three Kings 2D Display 63in.H

Item #38205

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Medium Wood Stable
Large Nativity Stable 55in. H

Item #84195

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Cedar Nativity Stable
Outdoor Nativity Stable 37in. H

Item #84196

Your Price $319.00

Large Wood Nativity Stable
Wood Outdoor Nativity Stable 70in. H

Item #84190

Your Price $779.00

Life Size 2D Stable
Life Size Nativity Stable with Star 2D Display 94in.H

Item #84210

Your Price $399.00

Life Size Nativity Mary
Mother Mary 54in. scale (38in.H)

Item #33111

Your Price $399.00

Wise Man
African American King Gaspar Life Size - 54in. scale NL

Item #33522

Your Price $499.00

African American King Melchior
African American King Melchior Life Size - 54in. scale NL

Item #33521

Your Price $499.00

Black Holy Mother
African American Mother Mary 54in. scale (38in.H) NL

Item #33511

Your Price $499.00

Black Saint Joseph
African American Saint Joseph 54in. scale (52in.H) NL

Item #33512

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Saint Joseph 40in
Christmas Joseph 40 inch scale

Item #34012

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Black Wise Man
Christmas King Balthazar 40in. scale Christmas Nativity

Item #34018

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Wise Man
Christmas King Gaspar 40in. scale Nativity

Item #34016

Your Price $239.00

Wiseman Melchior
Christmas King Melchior 40in. Scale Nativity

Item #34017

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Large Christmas Mary
Christmas Nativity Mary 24.5 inch height 40" scale

Item #34011

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Life Size King
King Balthazar Life Size - 54in. scale Outdoor

Item #33118

Your Price $499.00

Wise Man
King Gaspar Life Size - 54in. scale Outdoor

Item #33117

Your Price $499.00

King Melchior
King Melchior Life Size - 54in. scale Outdoor

Item #33116

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Life Size 2D Nativity Set
Life Size Nativity 2D Display 62in.H 11 Pc

Item #38201

MSRP $1,699.00

Your Price $999.00

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2D Holy Family
Life Size Wood Holy Family 2D Display 48in.H

Item #38202

Your Price $379.00

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Giant Mary
Mother Mary 52 in. H - 6 foot scale Nativity Collection

Item #31011

Your Price $1,000.00

Giant Old Man Shepherd
Old Man Shepherd 48in.H Life size plus - 6 foot scale

Item #41113

Your Price $999.00

Saint Joseph
Saint Joseph 54in. scale (52in.H)

Item #33112

Your Price $499.00

Giant Joseph
Saint Joseph 71in.H - 6 foot scale Nativity Collection

Item #31012

Your Price $1,000.00

Outdoor Nativity Sets: Birth of a Tradition

One of the things that makes Christmas special is the many different ways it is celebrated by different cultures across the globe. Filipinos hold a Giant Lantern Festival in the city of San Fernando, while Colombians place elaborate paper lanterns in and around their homes in honor of the Virgin Mary. In Mexico, celebrants reenact Mary and Joseph’s search for shelter in Bethlehem by going from house to house carrying images of the couple. And in Ukraine, they prepare a “holy supper” that begins as soon as children spot the first star in the evening sky. But amid all this vast variety of holiday customs, there is one you will find common in almost all countries: the re-creation of the first Christmas with static indoor or outdoor Nativity scenes.

Ever since Saint Francis of Assisi—inspired by a trip to the Holy Land—staged the first true celebratory “Nativity Scene” in Greccio, Italy, in the year 1223, vivid replications of the birth of Jesus have become a perennial staple of the Christmas holidays around the world. True, Francis’s Nativity scene was presented in a cave and featured just a manger with an ox and donkey as the only living creatures in attendance. Nevertheless, from that day forward, it has become a popular Christmas tradition to recreate the Nativity by having children re-enact the event, setting up a crèche with small figurines in the home, or installing life-size tableaus in front of churches, inside shopping malls, and around other public places.

Outdoor Nativity Sets: Birth of a Tradition

Outdoor Nativity Scenes: Why Go Big?

Christmas Night’s high-quality outdoor Nativity sets are large in size compared to indoor or tabletop creations. The advantage of outdoor sets is that they are generally bigger, and so they can be seen by more people and from a greater distance. Our beautiful sets are painted using vibrant colors that help viewers distinguish the figures, structures, and animals. Outdoor Nativity scenes can be found in front of homes, though the larger lawn decorations are more commonly found in front of churches and businesses.

Our selection of outdoor Nativity sets also includes numerous pieces that can purchased individually and added to a set to expand it. Many animals, such as sheep, goats, donkeys, oxen, and cows are available to give the scene a more “natural” appeal. Angels along with additional human figures are also available. Add your favorite individual figures to your Nativity set to personalize it the way you like!

The Italians call them presepi. In France they are known as crèches de Noël. Spanish-speakers refer to them as pesebres, while the people of Poland call them szopki krakowskie. Yet whatever their names, and however much these traditions may differ in their details from country to country, they all stem from the same source. Whether you choose a small or large set, there’s no better way to celebrate Christmas than with a lovely, durable outdoor Nativity scene from Christmas Night Inc. to help spread the joy of the season far and wide, and for years to come.

Outdoor Nativity Sets FAQs

  • Where in the Bible is the original Nativity story recounted?

    The Nativity is described briefly, and only twice, in the New Testament: once in the Gospel of Luke (2:6–20) and again in the Gospel of Matthew (2:1–23). A number of non-Biblical and apocryphal sources have added additional details to these narratives.

  • Is there any difference between Luke’s and Matthew’s respective Nativity narratives?

    Yes, they are very different. Luke describes shepherds tending their flocks when an angel appears to them announcing the birth of the Messiah; the shepherds then travel to Bethlehem, where they find Mary and Joseph (presumably in a barn or stable for animals, or perhaps a peasant home), with the baby Jesus lying in a manger. In Matthew’s version, on the other hand, three “wise men” (magi, or astrologers) from the East follow a star to Bethlehem to see the foretold “King of Jews” and to present him with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Note that the details of Matthew’s recounting indicate that Jesus is no longer a newborn but a one- or two-year-old child. Nevertheless, in popular tradition the two narratives occur within the same time frame. For that reason, many indoor and outdoor Nativity scenes include both shepherds and the Magi.

  • What were the names of the shepherds and the Magi?

    We do not know the names of the shepherds, nor even how many of them heeded the angel’s announcement. Likewise, the New Testament never mentions the names of the three Magi. However, according to extra-Biblical sources and church tradition, their names were Balthasar (a king of Arabia), Melchior (a king of Persia), and Gaspar (a king of India).

  • What kind of animals surrounded the baby Jesus at his birth?

    The New Testament narratives do not mention a single specific animal. So if animals were present, there is no way of knowing which kinds. However, one can assume that the shepherds would have brought along some of their sheep; and the Magi would arguably have arrived by camel, which was a popular means of transport at the time. We can be fairly certain that no pigs would have been present, as they were considered unclean beasts in ancient Judea. The other kinds of animals commonly kept by the farmers of Bethlehem would include oxen, donkeys, goats, and perhaps chickens or other domesticated fowl. Dogs and cats also would not have been out of place. In the Roman period during which the Nativity occurred—and given the geography—it is not completely implausible that there might even have been an elephant in attendance!

  • What figures should be included in the most authentic type of outdoor Nativity scenes?

    Based strictly on the New Testament narratives, such a setup would look very sparse indeed! Besides Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus lying in a manger, an “authentic” outdoor Nativity scene might include an unspecified number of “wise men,” an unknown number of shepherds, possibly some sheep, perhaps one camel at least, surely a donkey and/or ox (or two), an angel, and a star hanging overhead. But authenticity isn’t exactly the point. Indeed, in all likelihood the Holy Family did not shelter in a stable at all but in the lower level of a first-century rural relative’s home. Nowadays, however, centuries of linguistic obfuscation, historical speculation, popular tradition, and artistic license have made it perfectly okay to set up a Nativity scene that adheres instead to individual imagination and faith rather than Biblical accuracy. As for the non-human figurines, throughout the Christian era paintings and other artistic renderings of the Nativity have included animals found only in the artist’s native country and completely alien to the Bethlehem of Jesus’ time. For example, some African artists have included giraffes and lions in their Nativity scenes. Therefore, when setting up your outdoor Nativity scene, feel free to select the figurines that feel right to you!

  • What is the most appropriate place to set up an outdoor Nativity scene?

    The chief purpose of displaying a model or tableau representing the scene of Jesus Christ’s birth is to celebrate the coming of one’s Savior and to make a public expression of faith. For that reason, people generally want their crèche to be as visible as possible. Christian homeowners typically place life-size or slightly smaller-than-life-size crèches right on the front lawn, facing the street. Similarly, religious buildings such as churches, rectories, and convents will feature a life-size Nativity scene positioned right in front of the structure. During the holiday season, some business offices and commercial venues such as shopping malls will often display a large crèche at the vestibule or in the main atrium of the building.

  • How big should your crèche be?

    As big (or small) as you want it, where it will fit, and that you can afford. For what it’s worth, the largest Nativity scene in the world, as noted by the Guinness Book of World Records, is the Tomáš Krýza crèche in the Czech Republic, which covers 200 square feet and features 1,389 figures of humans and animals, many of which are moveable! (On the other hand, a team of scientists from Lithuania have made a Christmas Nativity Scene that is smaller than a human cell.)