Outdoor Nativity Sets

Recreate the magic of the Nativity underneath the stars, the same way it originally happened, with an outdoor Nativity set. Christmas Night Inc. carries dozens of outdoor sets to choose from including large 24-piece sets and petite Holy Family trios. The sets are made using weather-resistant materials, making them perfect for outdoor display in any climate.

Your Selections:

Resting Sheep
Resting Lamb - Fiberglass (23in.W) 54in. scale

Item #33162

Your Price $159.00

Standing Lamb
Standing Lamb (54in. scale) - Fiberglass (17in.H)

Item #33164

Your Price $159.00

Front view of kneeling angel
Christmas Kneeling Angel 22.5 inch Height

Item #58531

MSRP $260.00

Your Price $199.00

Nativity Ox
Christmas Ox 40 ins scale Nativity

Item #34025

Your Price $199.00

 To preorder, please call 1 (888) 900-2070.
Gloria Angel on stand
Artisan Gloria Angel from Joseph's Studio 27.5 inch

Item #59571

Your Price $122.00

Artisan Camel
Artisan Camel 27.5" scale by Joseph's Studio

Item #59578

Your Price $115.00

 To preorder, please call 1 (888) 900-2070.
Artisan Shepherd Boy
Artisan Shepherd with Lambs 23.75"H Joseph's Studio

Item #59577

Your Price $115.00

profile of Ivory Camel by Joseph
Ivory Camel 32 inch by Joseph's Studio

Item #59614

MSRP $450.00

Your Price $199.00

2D Donkey
Life Size Nativity Donkey 2D Display 51in. High

Item #38206

Your Price $179.00

2D Lambs
Life Size Nativity Lamb set 2D Display 17in.High

Item #38208

Your Price $129.00

2D Ox
Life Size Ox 2D Display 46in.L

Item #38207

Your Price $179.00

Life Size 2D Shepherd
Life Size Shepherd 2D Display 42in.H

Item #38209

Your Price $159.00

Artisan Joseph by Joseph's Studio 27.5 inches

Item #59570-2

Your Price $125.00

Artisan King Balthazar
Artisan King Balthazar from Joseph's Studio 26.5 inch

Item #59572-3

Your Price $155.00

 To preorder, please call 1 (888) 900-2070.
Artisan King Gaspar
Artisan King Gaspar from Joseph's Studio 26.5 inch

Item #59572-2

Your Price $129.00

 To preorder, please call 1 (888) 900-2070.
Large Christmas Mary
Christmas Nativity Mary 24.5 inch height 40" scale

Item #34011

Your Price $169.00

 To preorder, please call 1 (888) 900-2070.
2D King Balthazar
Life Size King Balthazar 2D Display 51in.H

Item #38205-3

Your Price $199.00

2D King Gaspar
Life Size King Gaspar 2D Display 63in.H

Item #38205-1

Your Price $199.00

2D King Melchior
Life Size King Melchior 2D Display 56in.H

Item #38205-2

Your Price $199.00

Life Size Wood Joseph 2D - 48in.H NL

Item #38202-2

Your Price $199.00

2D Mary
Life Size Wood Mary 2D - 42in.H NL

Item #38202-1

Your Price $199.00

Our outdoor Nativity sets are large in size compared to indoor or table top creations. Outdoor sets are generally bigger so they can be seen from a greater distance. The beautiful sets are painted using vibrant colors that help viewers distinguish the figures, structures and animals. Outdoor Nativity scenes can be found in front of homes, though the large lawn decorations are more commonly found in front of churches and businesses.

The Outdoor Nativity selection also includes several individual pieces that can be added to a set to expand it. Many animals, such as sheep, goats, donkeys and cows are available to give the scene a more traditional appeal. Angels and other human figures are also available. Add your favorite individual figures to your Nativity set to personalize it the way you like.