Large Ivory Donkey 40 inch scale

other side of Ivory Donkey
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profile of Ivory Donkey
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Head of Ivory Donkey
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other side of Ivory Donkey
profile of Ivory Donkey
Head of Ivory Donkey

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Large Ivory Donkey from the 40" scale Nativity set. For complete Nativity set see Item 59600 below......Read More

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The Joseph's Studio Collection Large Ivory Donkey is sized to a 40-inch scale to complete your indoor or outdoor Nativity scene.. According to tradition, the donkey is the animal that Mary rode to Bethlehem to give birth to Jesus. The donkey is depicted in the resting position with its head raised as if it's witnessing the activities happening around it. The magnificently detailed piece has a natural finish and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It is made of strong fiberglass that looks great even after years of use. For the complete Ivory Nativity Set, see item 59600.

The handsome Large Ivory Donkey is designed by Christmas Night is made with excellent care and detail for long-term quality. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Dimensions: L 26" W 17" H 19"
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Fiberglass construction
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Shipping weight: 12 pounds
  • Shipping dimensions: L 31" W 19" H 23"
When setting product up outdoors make sure product is placed on a level surface and will not be blown over by the wind. Make sure product is not in standing water, or covered with snow as this will soften paint and cause paint to separate from product. In windy locations place a wood stake in the ground behind each standing figure and secure it to the figure with heavy fishing line or wire. At the end of the season bring product indoors. Make sure it is thoroughly dry before cleaning with a soft cloth or paper towel. For bird droppings or stubborn stains use a damp cloth. Do not use chemicals, soaps, detergents or hoses. Store in the original shipping cartons in a dry location.


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