2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Every year, people talk about the joy of giving - and every year, they hem and haw over just what to gift to their family, friends and co-workers. Need a little advice on what to get for someone who seemingly has everything? Christmas Night Inc. has your back. Whether you're shopping for a longtime partner or a gift swap at the office, we've come up with the best gifts for 2018 that show your thoughtfulness and that recipients will actually use.

Gifts for Travelers

  • Neck Pillows & Sleep Blindfolds - People who spend a lot of time sitting in airplane seats or on buses will appreciate these aids to help them catch some shut-eye.
  • Backpacks & Suitcases - Every hiker or tourist needs a rugged bag to carry their stuff! Find something that has a lot of pockets for organizing their belongings.
  • Passport Carriers - If your friends or family are crossing the border, they'll need a safe way to store their passport and ID papers.
  • E-Readers - When someone has downtime on the road, they can bring an entire library with them. Most basic e-readers start at less than $100!
  • Cameras - This is often a big-ticket item, but a good camera will capture memories better than a good smartphone any day of the week.
Gifts for Techies

  • Wi-Fi Range Extender - Struggle with "dead spots" at a friend's house? Help both of you with a device that increases the range of a network for faster, stronger connections.
  • TV Streaming Stick - Cut the cord altogether with this device that plugs directly into the HDMI port on smart TVs and laptops for streaming Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO GGO and other popular services.
  • Wireless Bluetooth Speakers - Ditch the mediocre smartphone speakers in favor of booming portable sound so everyone can enjoy some good tunes. Get a water-resistant version someone can bring to the beach!
  • Portable Charger - When there isn't an electrical outlet available, these supersize batteries will quickly charge a phone, camera or tablet back up.
  • Phone Cases - Get someone a cool case that protects their smartphone while showing off their love of a favorite sport, band or destination.
Gifts for Fitness Junkies

  • Smartwatch - Help your friends get in shape with a Fitbit or other training watch to track workouts. Even the introductory models can monitor heart rate, steps, workout times and much more.
  • Foam Roller - A roller aids in kneading out aches and knots for faster recovery. Choose from basic foam rollers up to vibrating rollers that also massage.
  • Running Belt - Give this to a distance runner for securely carrying water, snacks, phones, keys and other necessities on their next 20-mile jaunt.
  • Earbud Headphones - Whether someone likes to listen to punk or podcasts as they work out, a pair of streamlined headphones will help them do so without annoying other gym-goers.
Gifts for Foodies & Beer//Wine Enthusiasts

  • Reversible Grill/Griddle - Make pancakes on the griddle in the morning, then flip it over and cook up steak tips or stir-fry at night. It's great for camping and cookouts.
  • Chef's Knives - Anyone who's tired of hacking through meats and vegetables with dull blades will love a set of quality knives for their kitchen.
  • Spoon Rests - Finally, a place to put cooking and serving spoons between uses! These curved rests are an intuitive replacement for plates, paper towels and "the lean".
  • Bottle Openers - People can never have enough bottle openers. Options include key-chain openers, fridge-mounted openers, twist openers and novelty openers.
  • Craft Beer/Wine Club Memberships - Sign someone up for a one-year subscription where they regularly receive new brews or vino to try out.
  • Drinking Glass Sets - A new set of steins, pints or wine glasses give people a stylish way to kick back with their favorite potable.
Gifts for Coworkers

  • Screen Cleaners - This practical gift will help them wipe the dust and fingerprints off their computer monitors without wasting time rummaging through the supply closet.
  • Desktop Calendars - Help them track the days with a calendar that contains something fun such as daily comics, sports trivia or puzzles.
  • Cubicle Guest Book - This can be used to let someone know you're looking for them or to get a good laugh about bureaucracy.
  • Water Bottles - Save your coworkers from walking all the way to the break room with a large plastic or steel water bottle for their desk.
  • Desktop Cup Holders - This is a thoughtful gift for the coworker who struggles to keep their coffee mug or soda bottle upright.
Gifts for Low Budgets

  • Head Massager - These devices may look strange, but they quickly melt away the stress of a long day, and they usually cost less than $10.
  • Personalized Coffee Mugs - Your friends will love drinking out of a mug that has their name, a cool message or a favorite picture printed on it.
  • Pocket/Desktop Games - Who says board games are boring? A mini-version of Jenga, Cards against Humanity or desktop corn-hole is a great way to kill time.
  • Sunglasses - You don't need a second mortgage to get someone a pair of cool sunglasses. Many quality shades are now $20 or less.
  • Printed Can Coolers - Go beyond the koozie with a tough way to keep beer and soda cold as you drink at parties and family reunions.
  • Graphic Socks - Get someone a pair of socks printed with animals, cars, guitars or something else they're interested in and watch how fast their shoes come off.