Christmas Holy Family and Sheep in Wood Stable 40 inch scale

Christmas Family Lambs Stable
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Christmas Joseph from Artisan Holy Family set
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Christmas Jesus from Artisan Holy Family Set
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Christmas Mary
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Christmas Family Lambs Stable
Christmas Joseph from Artisan Holy Family set
Christmas Jesus from Artisan Holy Family Set
Christmas Mary

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The large Holy Family and Sheep in Wooden Stable set by Roman Inc. is part of the Joseph's Studio Collection. The figures are constructed from a resin and stone mixture that has been carefully hand-painted in earthy colors for an authentic, lifelike look. The stable is made of North American white pine and is stained to make it suitable for outdoor use.

The set includes Joseph, Mary, the Infant Jesus in a manger, two standing sheep and a beautiful wooden stable. The stable is made in the U.S. by skilled craftsmen. The wooden stable arrives in sub-assemblies for easy construction. Due to the size of The Holy Family and Sheep collection, truck shipping is required.

  • Joseph's Studio Collection
  • Christmas Night Inc. exclusive
  • Tallest figure: 38" Joseph
  • Stable dimensions: H 55" W 70" D 26"
  • Combined weight of figures: 95 pounds
  • Stable weight: 100 pounds
  • Figures made of resin-stone mixture
  • Stable made of North American White Pine and made in the U.S.
  • Truck delivery, please call 1-888-900-2070 for a shipping quote
  • Indoor or outdoor use

Call 888 900 2070 for a shipping quote

When setting product up outdoors make sure product is placed on a level surface and will not be blown over by the wind. In windy locations place a wood stake in the ground behind each standing figure and secure it to the figure with heavy fishing line or wire. Make sure product is not in standing water, or covered with snow as this will soften paint and cause paint to separate from product. At the end of the season bring product indoors. Make sure it is thoroughly dry before cleaning with a soft cloth or paper towel. For bird droppings or stubborn stains use a damp cloth. Do not use chemicals, soaps, detergents or hoses. Store in the original shipping cartons in a dry location.


Many of our large outdoor Nativity Sets and outdoor decoration figures are too heavy and bulky for UPS or FedEx and must be delivered by truck. These items are shipped on wood pallets and are delivered by appointment. The average cost of this delivery service is 20 to 25% of the product cost in the Eastern US (except Florida at up to 30%) and 30 to 40% of the product cost for the US west coast and South Texas. Use these average percentages to estimate the landed cost of this item. These percentage shipping cost averages apply to residential delivery. Shipments to commercial locations with loading docks or fork lift equipment will be cheaper. Please note, churches, hospitals and military locations are considered congested and are classified as residential by the trucking companies.

Costs to deliver to Canada may be higher and will require the use of a customs broker and the payment of PST, GST and brokerage fees. Please call 888 900 2070 for details.

Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico will require special arrangements involving ships and must be specially quoted, as must shipments to foreign countries. Please call our Logistics Department at 888 900 2070 for details.

Truck shipping rates are greatly affected by the cost of oil as it impacts the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel used by the trucks. As a result, freight rates change weekly or even more often and should be verified before shipment.

When you call our Logistics Department at 888 900 2070 for a US shipping quote, please provide the item number, your name and zip code and a phone number where you can be sure to be reached during the day. We will try to provide you with a US truck shipping quote within 30 minutes during our working hours of 8:30 to 5:00 Eastern time, Monday through Friday.

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S. Seavey

The design and artwork are beautifully done. The nativity scene exceeded our expectations in every way. Congratulations on making this wonderful set available. I highly recommend it to others.



D. Turek




F. Bond

Found The Figures Were Nicely Packed, Well Pleased With The Detailed Figures. Hope To Be Adding To The Nativity Scene In The Near Future.



J. Pistilli

What you see is exactly what you get! This nativity is beautiful! Our whole house is lit up with timers for Christmas but the spot light for our nativity is set from dusk to dawn. We did varnish everything before putting it out with hopes to preserving it better. We also added an extension on the stable to help protect it! If I were to mention any cons it would be that the stable should be larger to not only protect the holy family but any of the additions that complement the set as I would love to add the three kings and donkey in the future!




Wonderful piece, and great customer service!