Camel with Rug Outdoor - Fiberglass 54" scale (4 ft.H)

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Add the Giant Camel to your Outdoor Nativity and share the celebration of Christmas with your community......Read More

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Life Size Camel from the Bay Collection of Outdoor Nativity figures and animals. The Magi may have arrived in Bethlehem riding Camels. This wonderful near life size figure is constructed of fiberglasss and painted in rich colors. 

  • Size L55" W22" H48"
  • Weight 50 lbs.
  • Fiberglass construction
  • Outdoor or Indoor use (see Product Care for outdoor use)
  • Shipping weight: 129 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: L57" W35" H60"

Call 1 (888) 900-2070 for a shipping quote.

Make sure product is not in standing water, or covered with snow as this will soften paint and cause paint to separate from product. Clean figure with a damp cloth. A non abrasive surface cleaner such as Formula 409 glass can be used for stubborn spots or bird droppings. Store covered in a dry location. When setting up product make sure Camel is stable and will not be blown over by the wind. Remove the plugs from the base of the figure and add sand for extra stabilization.


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N. Kahn

Dear Don; I would like to thank you for being so obliging and accomodating in working with me to make my dream of owning such a one of a kind quality nativity set a reality. I received my nativity set perfectly intact and on time, exactly just as you assured me I would. Although, I haven't been through all the boxes, those I did open are in perfect condition. As I did purchase on line, I had a pretty good idea of the quality of product I was purchasing, but, I have to tell you, once I opened the boxes and saw first hand the calibre of quality of the pieces, I was blown away! I am very pleased with this investment and I am sure we will enjoy this set for many many years to come. Having a background in sales myself, I recognize that the combination of true dedication to customer service and quality products is a rare find, however, you and your company are outstanding and excel in both these catagories. You have been an absolute pleasure to do business with and I wouldn't hesitate one second in recommending you and your company. Sincerely, Nannette Kahn Canada