Imagine a Christmas display that bears a striking resemblance to an outdoor Santa sleigh or an old horse drawn sleigh of years gone by! Through our association with Fabtron Corporation, you can now order an old-fashioned wooden sleigh that conjures up images of Santa's sleigh being pulled through the air by a team of frisky reindeer.

Fabtron Corporation is know throughout the United States as the top manufacturer of wood carts, wagons and sleighs.  Fabtron's unsurpassed quality and endurance give it the confidence to place an unconditional two year warranty on it's manufactured products.

Husky Sled and Santa

Life Size Santa Husky Dog Sled 12.5 ft. long

Item # 37860

Life Size Husky Dog Sled and Santa from the Heimex Christmas Collection...


View: Outdoor Santa Sleigh and Reindeer

Outdoor Santa Sleigh and Reindeer

Item # 47512

Outdoor Santa, Reindeer and Sled in large near life size...


View: Wood Sleigh 64"W Cedar

Wood Sleigh 64"W Cedar

Item # 93100

Life Size Sleigh made of North American cedar and painted red.


View: Santa on Dog Sled 12 ft W

Santa on Dog Sled 12 ft W

Item # 68624

Santa Sled with realistic plush Husky Dogs from Hansa's "Portraits in Nature".