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Nativity Sets and Scenes

Whether you'd prefer a beautiful hand-painted wood nativity set or a 16-piece garden nativity scene, you can embrace the joy of the Christmas story by re-creating in your home the miracle of Christ's birth. The many nativity scenes available in our online catalog range from burnished gold and ceramic to ivory and bronze.

Nativity Sets are reminders of the Christmas holiday that you can treasure forever. Whether you desire to display traditional nativity scenes or add your own particularly personal touches, the perfect nativity set for you is only a few clicks away. Christmas Night Inc offers you a range of materials, sizes (including life size nativity), ethnicity and additional figurines for your nativity scene.

Complete your Chistmas nativity scenes with the addition of the humble stable, a glowing star, animals, trees, and your own personal touches. Our wide selection includes complete nativity sets, table top nativity scenes, collectible nativity sets, holy family nativity figurines and statues, and the exquisite Fontanini Nativity sets made in Italy from marble-based resin.

View: Nativity Scenes 6 foot scale

Nativity Scenes 6 foot scale

Giant Nativity Scenes include full scenes with the Holy Family, three Kings, Shepherds, Angels, and all the animals.

View: Life Size Nativity Sets and Scenes

Life Size Nativity Sets and Scenes

Life Size Nativity Sets and Scenes are perfect for churches, Businesses, Hospitals and other institutions.

View: Church Nativity Sets

Church Nativity Sets

Nativity Sets and Scenes appropriate for inside or outside churches and other institutions.

View: Large Nativity Sets

Large Nativity Sets

Large Nativity sets are suitable for homes, churches, institutions, businesses, schools and more.

View: Complete Nativity Scenes

Complete Nativity Scenes

Large selection of complete Nativity Sets and Scenes from small creches to life size sets.

View: Nativity Sets - Indoor

Nativity Sets - Indoor

An indoor selection of small Nativity sets with the Holy Family, Kings and other figures and staging pieces.

View: Fontanini Nativity Sets

Fontanini Nativity Sets

From the Fontanini Collection, these beautiful statues have been made for more than 100 years in Italy.

View: Nativity Sets with Stables

Nativity Sets with Stables

Whether you are looking for a Life Size Nativity Set with stable or a small Indoor Nativity Set with shelter you will find it here.

View: Holy Family sets

Holy Family sets

Bring the glory of the Christmas season to your family with one of these Holy Family sets.

View: Nativity Accessories

Nativity Accessories

Set the stage for your Nativity creche with the Star of Bethlehem, a Manger and some Palm Trees.