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Made in Armenia Direct

Made in Armenia Direct brings us religious wood carvings made from beech, mahogany, mulberry, walnut, pear and apricot.  A portion of the proceeds of every sale goes to an Artisan Fund to support artisans and entrepreneurs in Armenia.  Armenia is the first Christian country in the world.  It adopted Christianity as its state religion in 301AD.

View: Armenian Entry to Jerusalem 5" H 80% OFF

Armenian Entry to Jerusalem 5" H 80% OFF,

Catalog # 86101

Our Price: $19.00

View: Crucifixion 9.5" H 80% OFF

Crucifixion 9.5" H 80% OFF,

Catalog # 86111

Our Price: $19.00

View: Noah's Ark 6"H 80% OFF

Noah's Ark 6"H 80% OFF,

Catalog # 86110

Our Price: $19.00