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Life Size Carolers

Caroler Sets are offered for both inside and outside the home.  Outdoor near  life size Carolers are made of durable fiberglass, while Carolers for the indoors are made of fabric with resin hands and faces.  Our outdoor Caroler Set with Lamp Post makes a beautiful display outside any home or business.  While the Fabric Caroler set is perfect for a window display or shopping mall or large family entrance hall.

View: Caroler Set 4 pc 54"

Caroler Set 4 pc 54",

Catalog # 32700

Our Price: $1,299.00

View: Caroler Father 54"

Caroler Father 54",

Catalog # 32701

Our Price: $399.00

View: Caroler Mother 50"

Caroler Mother 50",

Catalog # 32702

Our Price: $399.00

View: Caroler Son 36"

Caroler Son 36",

Catalog # 32703

Our Price: $279.00

View: Caroler Daughter 35"

Caroler Daughter 35",

Catalog # 32704

Our Price: $279.00

View: Caroler Set 4 pc 54" w/72" Lamp Post

Caroler Set 4 pc 54" w/72" Lamp Post,

Catalog # 32705

Our Price: $1,499.00